Adv. Journalism (Adv. Web Journalism/Convergence)

Course Title: Adv. Journalism
(Adv. Web Journalism/Convergence)

Course ID: 212503

Grade Level:10-12

UC/CSU a-g: area “g”

Prerequisite: C or better in Journalism 1 or instructor’s approval and interview/ application process.

Designed for students to produce the school newspaper, The Titan Times, both the hard copy and web page versions. The techniques of newspaper production studied in Beginning Journalism (Convergence) will be put to practical use. Activities include writing news, feature and editorial stories, editing copy, writing headlines, laying out pages, creating computer graphics, taking photographs, and selling ads. Student production will reflect real-world trends with an emphasis placed upon The Titan Times website. Students will become adept at using computer programs such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and DreamWeaver to produce the newspaper. In addition, students will shoot video, narrate stories and produce short video stories to post on the school web page. Journalism as a career will be considered. Advanced students may prepare other types of high-school publications and will work on fundraising events to finance all costs of newspaper production.