NGSS Chemistry

Course Title: NGSS Chemistry

Course ID: 603103

Grade Level:10-12

UC/CSU a-g: area “d”

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in NGSS Biology.  Students who have completed IM1 with a grade of B or better may take this course concurrently with IM2.   Placement recommendation:  IM2 strongly recommended.

NGSS Chemistry is our third course aligned with California’s Framework for the Next Generation Science Standards and will fulfill the physical science graduation requirement.  It is recommended as the third NGSS course for students who have taken NGSS Biology and NGSS Physics.  It is recommended for 10th or 11th grade students and meets the UC/CSU “d” laboratory requirement.  Students will integrate the science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.  These core ideas revolve around the application of Chemistry and how it interacts with systems on Earth including global warming and ocean acidification.  There will be multiple opportunities for students to model and develop solutions to authentic problem-based scenarios.  Students will also develop laboratory skills, engage in data analysis, and exercise critical thinking to explain chemical phenomena.