Honors English 10

Course Title: Honors English 10

Course ID: 206223

Grade Level: 10

UC/CSU a-g: area “b”

Prerequisites: Grade B or higher in English 9, teacher recommendation and completion of summer reading assignments. PLEASE NOTE:  This class is offered BOTH as a single-course option or as a blocked class with AP European History; however, the Honors grade bump is not applicable.

Honors English 10 provides an academically accelerated curriculum for students desiring advanced, challenging studies. Honors English 10 is a rigorous course with high expectations for critical reading, writing and thinking. Students will focus on developing oral and written communications that explore the complexities of world topics and literature and seek connections among texts on a variety of levels. This course will include an extensive reading list covering a broad array of literary interests and experiences. Students will enhance their research skills and write in a variety of genres. Students can expect extensive vocabulary work, emphasizing SAT preparation, and continuing work on grammar and usage. Several works will be required reading over the summer in preparation for the course.