US History DE

Course Title: US History DE
(Dual Enrollment)
Course ID: Grade Level: 11
UC/CSU a-g: area “a” Prerequisites: None
Designed for general-level and college-level preparatory students, this course is a chronological study of
the United States from 1865 to the present. Starting with the tremulous rebuilding after the Civil War all
the way to modern day, it will focus on political, economic, intellectual and social trends that impacted
events and people and helped shape the United States today. Topics of study will include industrialization
and urbanization, the evolution of ethnic, cultural and racial pluralism, and America’s role in world affairs.
This course is a historical study through a variety of different sources, from a variety of different
perspectives. Students will be required to read primary and secondary sources, take notes, discuss content
with their peers and instructor, and write to effectively demonstrate their ideas and knowledge. This is a
college class taught by RJUHSD faculty during the regular school day. College credit (equivalent to Sierra
College's History 17B) will be issued on a Sierra College transcript.