AP European History/ Honors English 10 Block

Course Title: AP European History/ Honors English 10 Block

Course ID: 657151/ 206221

Grade Level: 10

UC/CSU a-g: area “a” and “b”

Prerequisites: Grade of B or better in English 9 or instructor approval. A written essay may be required. This class is blocked with Honors English 10 classes for a yearlong course.

Preparation for college testing in European History is a major focus of the course.  Students will engage in the process of framing an inquiry, selecting relevant sources and organizing evidence in support of a thesis.  Primary and secondary sources of information will be examined and analyzed.  Students will build on their skills in logic, analytical reading, critical thinking and high-level expository writing.  A successful performance on the Advanced Placement Exam will enable students to obtain college credit in American History at selected colleges and universities.  This course follows the national AP European History framework and not the California State Standards for World History.