Social Psychology

Course Title: Social Psychology

Course ID: 653653

Grade Levels: 11-12

UC/CSU a-g: area “g”

Prerequisites: None

Social Psychology is a course designed to provide 11th and 12th grade students with an opportunity to study human development and relationships from sociological and psychological perspectives. The first part will focus on cognitive, social and personality development of the individual, the formation of relationships and behavior/conflict within those relationships, as well as societal influences, and group dynamics. The focus of the second half includes the study of brain function in terms of motivation, learning, memory and language. In addition, the patterns, assessment, treatment and prevention of abnormal behaviors are also studied. Students will have an opportunity to do field observations and research various psychological issues. This course offers scientifically researched explanations to commonly asked questions; it also offers the students an opportunity to connect the information from those findings to themselves. Students will form a deeper sense of how the human mind words and come to understand themselves better.