Course ID: 212653
Open to Grade: 9-12
UC a-g: None
Prerequisite: Freshmen students who want to take yearbook need a recommendation from their English teacher in writing and/or prior experience in yearbook, graphic design, or photography. For grades 10-12, instructor approval and successful completion of English classes with a grade of "C" or better, or a B or better in graphic design and/or photography.

Designed for general or college preparatory students to produce a high-quality school yearbook.  Students will learn to use computers to write copy, design layouts, and create graphics.  Students will also conduct interviews, take and crop photographs, and sell ads.  Communication skills and professional conduct are emphasized through extensive contact with staff and students, as well as business people and parents.  The class is also open to students who are interested in the business end of yearbook production:  raising money, advertising, issuing receipts, bookkeeping, etc.  Leadership opportunities are also available to interested students.  Enrollment is limited.  Students new to the Yearbook class must enroll in the Fall Term.  Students are strongly encouraged to register for both terms.