ERWC English 12

ERWC English 12
Course ID: 204433
Open to Grade: 12
UC a-g: B
Prerequisite: Students must be placed in the class by counselors and administrators. Must have a designation of “conditionally ready” on the EAP exam. Must have a designation of “conditionally ready” on the CAASPP exam taken in the junior year.
The ERWC Course is an A-G approved college preparatory course in English that provides targeted instruction in the areas of critical reading and writing strategies. The Early Assessment Program was established to allow students to measure their readiness for college-level English in their junior year of high school.  ERWC was designed as an alternative English curriculum to offer an opportunity for those students who demonstrated a “conditionally ready” status on the EAP to improve their skills during their senior year. Students who pass the course with a grade of C or better will be moved to the “college ready” designation and are then able to enroll in college level courses.