Construction Technology 2

Construction Technology 2

Course ID: 353423

Open to Grade: 10-12

UC a-g: None  

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Construction Tech 1 or Design Engineering 1 is highly recommended

Supplies: Student may be charged a fabrication cost for any consumable item(s).   These items or projects are taken home and kept by the student.

This is a BASIC CARPENTRY class that teaches beginning and intermediate carpentry skills. This course is designed for general level and college-bound students. Students will learn personal and worksite safety as practiced in the construction and engineering industry. In addition, students will study building construction including site preparation, forming, framing, interior and exterior finishes, mechanical and electrical systems. The fundamentals of carpentry will be covered giving students the chance to practice both structural and finish carpentry. Students will design, plan, and build a variety of model buildings and other structures using residential construction practices.