Child Development

Child Development
Course ID: 303403
Open to Grade: 10-12
UC a-g: G
Prerequisite: A TB test is required as students will be working in Tiny Vikes Preschool.

A major portion of the Child Development curriculum is working directly with young children in the OHS on-campus preschool, Tiny Vikes Preschool. The preschool is open three days a week and students will be trained as assistant preschool teachers. Emphasis will be on planning and implementing activities, writing lesson plans, and learning how to effectively guide and teach children. Students will also study the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development of children from birth through age 12 as it relates to their care and guidance.  Additionally, students will participate in the parenting simulation project, RealCare Baby, by caring for a computerized baby for four days and three nights during the semester. This course is a resume builder as students will finish the semester with over 30 hours of practical early childhood experience. Students shall provide to the school nurse a certificate confirming they are free of communicable tuberculosis.  An intradermal TB skin test may be obtained by 1) the school nurse upon completion of the school districts written consent form and verbal confirmation of parent/guardian signature, 2) consent from your child’s doctor, or 3) the health department.