Advanced Media Production

Advanced Media Production
Course ID: 102683
Open to Grade: 10-12
UC a-g: None
Prerequisite: This course requires an application.  Please see the Oakmont website or instructor for the application.  Students must pass Graphic Design 1 with a C or better.
Recommended: It is highly recommended that students earn a B or better in the prerequisite course.  Students should consult their current teacher for placement recommendation.
This course provides students with more application and training in the use of television/computer equipment and production techniques. Students will produce programs for the school, other students, and for the internet.  Extensive use of computers in video will be part of the class.   There is significant time commitment that may extend before and after school hours.  Students will often work independently, and all students are expected to maintain a serious work environment with professional behavior.  Students must be highly self-motivated.