Course ID# 754303

Open to grades:  11-12

Application Required; Subject to Approval

This elective is designed for students who wish to build their resume, improve interpersonal skills, and gain experience in facilitating learning. Students work under a teacher's guidance in primarily freshman classes. Activities within the classroom include tutoring, small group instruction, monitoring individual and group work, and teaching whole-class lessons.  There are two options from which to choose:

OPTION 1:  Student Tutor

Student tutors are facilitators of learning, serving as both coaches and role models in the learning environment. They work in           small groups or one-on-one as directed by teachers. Student tutors work on a rotating schedule with several teachers.

Student tutors receive weekly specialized training to build tutoring skills when assisting and supporting students.  Upon               successful completion of this course, students will receive tutor certification.

OPTION 2:  Student Intern

These students work specifically with one teacher in one classroom for the term.  Interns should have a serious interest and               past success in the course for which they are applying.  Interns work under the direction and training of the teacher to               support student learning.