AVID 11                                                                                                                                
Course ID# 803133 (Fall) / 803143 (Spring)

Open to grades:  11

Prerequisite:  None
Placement recommendation:  AVID students challenge themselves academically in order to be eligible for four-year university.

Students will prepare to meet college entrance requirements and improve college readiness skills. Students will develop critical reading and writing skills, refine study and organization habits, and practice public speaking skills. Students work collaboratively with peers and college student tutors.  They will learn about post-secondary options, financial aid, college life, and majors in preparation for senior year decisions. Students will prepare for and take college entrance exams, draft forms for letters of recommendation, create a high school resume, and draft personal statements. Students are encouraged to take at least one AP class and the corresponding exam or a CSU/UC transferable community college class.