Course ID# 657364


Open to grades:  12


Prerequisite:  None


Placement recommendation:  None


UC/CSU – History/Social Science (“a”)


This is one of four courses in a yearlong block.  Students who sign up for AP Comparative Government & Politics MUST also sign up for AP United States Government, AP Microeconomics, and AP Macroeconomics.  Each course is a nine (9) week five (5) credit course.  AP Comparative Government explores the political theory and everyday practices that direct the daily operation of the governments in six countries throughout the world (Great Britain, China, Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Iran). By building a theoretical framework and exploring case studies, we will be able to draw meaningful comparisons and contrasts between our six countries. This course will prepare you to take the AP exam for Comparative Government. As this class is taught at the college level, it requires a substantial amount of reading, critical thinking, and initiative. You will not simply learn how government works, but will develop a critical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the six countries’ political systems, and how you as a citizen structure into our modern-day globalized society.