Course ID# 657454

Open to grades:  12

Prerequisite:  None

Placement recommendation:  Strong organizational skills and determination

UC/CSU – Elective credit (“g”)

This is one of four courses in a yearlong block.  Students who sign up for AP Macroeconomics MUST also sign up for AP Microeconomics, AP US Governments, and AP Comparative Government and Politics.  Each course is a nine (9) week five (5) credit course.  This is a college-level course designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles of economics in examining aggregate economic behavior. Students taking the course can expect to learn how the measures of economic performance are constructed and how to apply them to evaluate the macroeconomic conditions of an economy. Students will also learn the basic macroeconomics analytical tools, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of fiscal policy and monetary policy in promoting economic growth and stability. Students will also examine the impact of international trade and international finance.