CP CHEMISTRY                                                                                                                                                   
Course ID# 603103
Open to grades:  10-12
Prerequisite: Successful completion of CCIM2 and Biology

Placement recommendation:  A grade of a “C” or better in prerequisite coursework. Strong problem solving skills are necessary including the ability to rearrange algebraic equations. Strong critical thinking skills are recommended with the ability to engage in laboratory and discussion exercises.

UC/CSU – Science (“d”)

Designed to provide college-preparatory students with a mathematical and laboratory oriented instruction in basic chemistry.  Chemistry includes a thorough survey of the classification and interaction of matter, atomic theory, phase changes, bonding, acid/base reactions, stoichiometry and an introduction to organic chemistry.  Students are expected to have algebra and problem-solving skills and will be required to complete problem sets and participate in laboratory and discussion exercises.  All content presented to the class is in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards