Course ID# 212683 (Fall) / 212693 (Spring)

Open to grades:  9-12

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of English classes with a grade of “C” or better

UC/CSU – Elective (“g”)

Designed for general or college-preparatory students with an interest in cataloging school activities in order to produce the school yearbook.  Students will learn to use computer software as well as online cloud-based servers and software to write copy and prepare layouts, as well as learn how to conduct interviews and take photographs, all while adhering to strict deadlines.  Some after school work is required.  Possibility for advancement within the program is available if students choose to take the class for more than one year.  Enrollment during both terms is ideal, as students are producing a publication that spans the course of a full year. However, if the student is only able to take the class for one term during the school year, the student must be enrolled during the fall.  Course may be repeated for credit.