AP EUROPEAN HISTORY / HONORS ENGLISH 10 (A/B YEARLONG)                                                                     
Course ID# 657151 / 206221

Open to grades:  10

Prerequisite: Successful completion of CP English 9.
Placement recommendation:  Strong critical reading and writing skills. A grade of “B” or better in prerequisite coursework.

UC/CSU - History/Social Science (“a”) & English (“b”)

Designed for university-bound students.  Year-long, blocked course integrated with Honors English 10 to provide a more enriched learning environment and to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Exam.  Emphasizes analytical thinking skills and the development of improved essay writing skills.  Students will be expected to study a college based text along with the supplementary reading materials which includes primary sources.  The course content covers the history of Europe from the 1300’s to present.  Successful performance on the Advanced Placement Exam will enable students to obtain college credit at selected universities. Designed to facilitate those students who will seek further enrollment in AP courses.