October District Safety Message

Posted by Rob Hasty on 9/24/2021 7:00:00 AM


We have been back in school for just over 30 days.  In those 30 days we have welcomed students back to campuses, hosted football, volleyball, tennis, cross country and water polo events.  Our schools have also had students participate in safety drills and safety training so our students can understand the importance of their role during an emergency.  Each site plans unannounced safety drills throughout the school year. These drills allow students and staff to practice their safety skills.  Throughout the year we practice Evacuation, Lockdown and Shelter in place drills.  Our teachers talk to each of their classes about behavior expectations and actions during an emergency event.  Our drills allow us to get better each time with response to safety procedures to increase our response and effectiveness for the safety of our students and staff.  


We have safety procedures for in school events and afterschool events. Our staff is trained to use our Catapult system to report their location, their individual safety as well as the safety of their students.  This year our students were introduced to the “Help Us Stay Safe” link that was shared with you in the last newsletter.  This is managed through our Catapult Emergency Management System, which allows our safety teams to respond in the appropriate manner to address the event reported.


This year we will be adding an additional drill in coordination with the Roseville Police Department (RPD).  In April 2022, we will be conducting a drill to help us and RPD better understand the response procedures we have in place to react to an active shooter on a campus and the reunification process.  This drill will also expand our understanding of the reunification process for students and families.  It will allow us to have insight to the whole process as well as the parent side of the reunification process.