Week of Aug. 28

Posted by Briana Hurd on 8/28/2022 6:00:00 AM

We had a wonderful start to our school year and we are thrilled to spend our third year with all of our wonderful students. We are launching our new weekly messaging to help keep everyone informed of our weekly events, activities, deadlines, and more. See below... 

Monday 8/29

  • Happy Monday!

Tuesday 8/30

Wednesday 8/31

Thursday 9/1

Friday 9/2


Find more dates here: Panther CalendarCollege & Career Center Calendar



  • Food Drop-Off Policy - In order to help ensure that we have a safe campus, we will NOT accept any food drop off.  This includes food delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash.  We also ask that parents, family, and/or friends please do not drop off food for students. If any student is having difficulty with getting food during the day, please check in with a counselor, administrator, or someone else in the office.  We are here to help! 



  • Dress Code - Dress Code will be strongly enforced starting Monday. As a general rule of thumb, the majority of students' midriff must be covered and bottoms must be entirely covered. Click on the link for the full policy.



  • Attendance: Picking up early & Arriving Late - We make it easy! Simply send a note with your student to drop off at the Attendance Office (click link for phone and email options). Please provide 1 hour notice or even a day before! Click on the link for more details.


  • See Something, Say Something - Please remember, if you see or hear of something concerning you or may threaten safety on our campus, say something!  From the teachers and staff around campus to those filling the front office, West Park High School is full of adults who care deeply about safety.  We rely on you to help us keep our school safe. Anonymous "We Tip" Link


  • CIF Athlete Video - Check out the link below from the CIF.  They have released a sportsmanship campaign for the new school year and it includes our campus and student athletes.  Our kids were here for about 8 hours on a summer day and did an awesome job working with the production company.  


  • Make-Up Photos - If you missed your make-up photos, click on the link to schedule an in-studio appointment (offices are close).


  • Girls Basketball - Fall workouts have started! Join us today! Before attending practice, you will need: 
    • to fill out your information on AthleticClearance.com

    • upload a copy of your recent physical

    • email Coach Wudel with any questions  →  cwudel@rjuhsd.us