Driver's Education Flyer



The Driver Education 2022 /2023 Online Course is available district wide to students who
are 151⁄2 years old, or will be before the end of the class and under the age of 18. The scheduled
sessions for this school year are as follows:

Session 1 10/17/22 - 11/10/22
Session 2 11/14/22– 12/12/22
Session 3 01/11/23 – 02/03/23
Session 4 02/06/23 – 02/28/23
Session 5 03/01/23 – 03/22/23
Session 6 03/27/23 – 04/28/23
Session 7 05/01/23 – 05/19/23

A Summer Session will NOT be offered.
This online Driver Education course is only open to students in the Roseville
Joint Union High School District. There is no charge for taking this course.
We do not offer behind the wheel training.

The course syllabus is available to students on the first day of their registered session. If students satisfactorily complete all assignments online and submitted through Canvas, they are eligible to take the final test.
*NOTE: The final will be done online and the student will set the time with the instructor. The final
will be administered during the last week of the session. Pink slips may be picked up after students
pass the test. Check with your instructor as to when pick slips will be available.
Students interested in enrolling should email the following information to Kelley Zorio at at least 3 working days prior to the first day of the course:

*Requested Session Number
*Student Legal Name
*Birth date
*Email Address (the one the student has with the school district)
*Student ID # (starts with a “6”)
*Home Phone #
*Cell Phone #
*School of Attendance

Students will be notified via email within 3 working days of request
indicating they are officially registered. On the first day of the
session, the student will be sent an email confirmation with the
course URL address and logon information.
If you have any further questions about the course,
contact Ms. Galamgam (the instructor) at: