Textbook and Chromebook Drop Off/Return

As the semester is closing, we are going to need to collect from you any textbooks that were checked out to you for the semester.  Anyone not returning to OHS next school year (especially Seniors) will turn in Chromebooks and Chargers at Front Office Gate when entering campus.

All materials must be turned in prior to 4pm on May 27.  Senior should have their books turned in prior to May 25 at 4pm to avoid any issue with fines or fees.

Dates and times for textbook drop off are:

  • Friday May 21 1-4pm
  • Monday May 24 1-4pm
  • Tuesday May 25 During Class Periods - IF teacher is OK with students leaving
  • Tuesday May 25 1-4pm
  • Wednesday May 26 2:30-4pm [NOTE TIME DIFFERENCE]
  • Thursday May 27 1-4pm

We encourage students to come after 2pm daily so that lines are not as long and students do not have to wait.  There is no sign up, please come with your ID and all books.

If the student cannot come to campus, the student can find an adult or another OHS student to return their books for them. To ensure social distancing, we ask that only one person comes on to campus to return to the materials.

  • Students must complete the screener prior to coming to campus if they are learning from home.
  • All persons coming to campus must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.
  • Please do not come to campus if you or someone who live with is showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All persons on campus must social distance (6 feet) while in line returning materials.

Books will be collected in the theater:

  • Students enter through main double doors and are filtered to the aisle on the West/Left side of the theater
  • Students will then walk up to the stage area and stack books up (signs will be on the floor with a few of each books already there so they know where to stack)
  • Students will leave through the stage door, down to choir room exit.

To check which books are assigned to you, please look this up in our Follett Library system.