Gmail Transition Survey

Good Morning,


We are seeking your feedback as we prepare for the transition from Outlook to Google for all email and calendaring functions. In order to create a process that is smooth and supportive, it is vital that we hear from all staff.  Please take a moment to complete the survey here:


The district technology leadership team will use your feedback to map out the transition plan.


Why switch?

  • We are a student focused organization and the transition to Gmail and Google calendar will provide the best set of cloud based tools that will enhance student-teacher communication.
  • This transition will provide the greatest level of integration with our online learning systems.
  • By using Google platform across the entire organization it will offer greater levels of access, efficiency and consistent tools across our district.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) still be available?

  • Yes, Microsoft Office suite will remain a valuable productivity tool installed on all district PC’s.

How long has RJUHSD been planning for this transition?

  • We have been a Google Apps for Education district since 2013 and have deployed over 10,000 Chromebooks to our students and staff.
  • The District Technology Team (DTT) has recommended this transition since 2015. DTT is comprised of administrators, teachers, site technology coordinators and librarians.

Has there been a pilot?

  • Adelante staff and students have solely used Gmail/google calendar since Fall 2016.
  • We have a cohort of district staff piloting Gmail/Calendar since 2017

What other districts in the area have switched?

  • Our K-8 partner districts (Roseville City, Eureka, Dry Creek) as well as neighboring districts (Placer Union, Nevada Joint) solely use Gmail/calendar.

What’s the timeline for the transition?

  • Staff completes survey by November 30th
  • DTT analyzes survey feedback (by winter break)
  • Implementation Plan (January)
  • Launch April 2019 or July 2019 (based on survey)


We are dedicated to providing the necessary training/professional development to ensure success for all staff.