Welcome Back 18/19

Welcome back RJUHSD Staff!


We here in the Technology Services Department are excited to have everyone back.  This year is gearing up to be an amazing leap forward for our students, teachers, district, and community.  I have a few housekeeping items to cover in order to ensure a strong start to the year, so please read below for important information pertinent to all staff and students.

Chromebook Repair and Loaner Process


Broken student Chromebooks are inevitable.  If a student has a damaged device in need of repair, and/or they are in need of a loaner device for the day, direct them to your librarian who will help facilitate the repair process in partnership with your site technology support representative.


The Chromebook repair form can be found here, and copies will also be available in the library.

Software and digital service policy


Data privacy is an extremely hot topic as of late and that is no different for K-12 education.  In order to safeguard student data, as well as protect our teaching staff, we ask that you NOT install or enroll in any software, app, or service without prior authorization.  A good rule to live by: if an app or service is requesting any student data, then it should go through the District vetting process for approval. If you are currently using an app or service that utilizes directory or identifiable information, and is outside of the District’s purchased or approved software, we ask that you migrate away from said product and migrate to our District-contracted/approved software.  This is for you and your student’s protection.


What apps, extensions, service or software are allowed?


The list of approved and purchased RJUHSD software and apps can be found here.


How to request new software, apps, web service, or Chrome extension?


Please submit all new software, app, or extension requests through the Google Apps & Extensions Request form found here.

Additional Technology Services Support for the Sites


In order to provide the best possible on-demand support to our schools, we have hired an additional technology support position that is dedicated to phone and remote desktop support.  Michael Talamantes will be helming the helpdesk line and will assist you with any technology request you may have. Please be aware that he has a single phone line that will go to voicemail if he is assisting another staff member.  


The hiring of an additional remote Support Technician has allowed us to free up your assigned Site Technicians to be present on-site on a more permanent basis.  Each Site Technician will be present Monday-Thursday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Fridays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.


New Wi-Fi


Chromebooks are wonderful classroom tools, but without a solid connection to the internet, they are like cars without fuel.  To help ensure full classroom functionality, Technology Services has been bolstering our wireless infrastructure with 400 new, faster, wireless access points.  To date we have successfully configured and deployed 320 of the 400 access points and are quickly approaching completion of the project.


Part of the Wi-Fi revamp includes the installation of eight outdoor wireless access points at each site.  This will help boost Wi-Fi coverage to student congregation areas, blacktops, sporting areas, and safety evacuation zones.  This is a work-in-progress and will be completed soon.

How to request Tech help or report a service outage?


Along with new equipment and a short deployment window comes little time to thoroughly test a system.  This is where we need your help. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are experiencing network slowness or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.  Without reporting this information there is a possibility we may be unaware of any issues. My team strives to provide the best possible user experience to you and your students, so please let us know if you have any issues.


If you experience technical difficulties and would like to report it to Technology Services, please include any pertinent information in your email/phone call, including when, where, what type of device was being used, and what user was on that device.  


The best way to contact the Technology Services Department is by emailing help@rjuhsd.us or by dialing extension 1234 from any internal phone.


Additionally, you are welcome to use the Freshdesk web portal to create and monitor helpdesk tickets directly.  To access our Freshdesk service, navigate to rjuhsd.freshdesk.com and utilize your RJUHSD Google credentials to authenticate.       

Password Reset Policy


Believe it or not, some of you have not used your user accounts in over two months and therefore may need a little help getting online.  Not to worry, we are here to help. Please be aware if you call the Technology Services Help Desk and request to have your password reset, the Technology Services representative will ask you a challenge question.  This question will include your employee ID number. Your employee ID number can be located on your monthly pay stub. These questions are in place to protect you and the District from an unauthorized user gaining access to your account.


As always you are welcome to reset your password via the My.RJUHSD.US cloud service; however, you will have needed to set up your rescue questions prior to needing the password reset.  


Instructions on how to set up your rescue questions can be found here.  

We look forward to providing you with the best support possible so you can continue providing our students with the amazing classroom environments our district is known for.


Thank you and have a great year.