Summer Technology Projects

Hello RJUHSD faculty and staff!

The District has had another exciting year with technology.  Our staff and students continue to find new and innovative ways to utilize the technology resources at your sites and in the classrooms.  The continued use of technology as an accelerator is moving forward and metrics show that all of the hard work is paying off.  This year we had an average of 2,200 Chromebooks online and in use at any given moment during our instructional hours.  To put that in perspective, three years ago that number was around 600 devices online at any given time.  That is an amazing improvement!

Before you head out for the summer break I wanted to give a brief overview of changes and projects to expect for next year (there is actually quite a bit of information to just be able to provide a brief overview, but I will do my best).

Wi-Fi Upgrade

This summer the Technology Services Department will be installing 400 new wireless access points throughout the District.  These new access points have quadruple the speed of most of the existing wireless equipment and can handle over five times the amount of connected devices.  In addition to the upgraded classroom Wi-Fi, we will be installing outdoor APs in key locations.  This will help facilitate student access, community engagement, and provide much needed outdoor network coverage in the event of an emergency.

Website Refresh

Over the summer our website will be getting a fresh new look and feel.  Technology Services will be applying a new web template to all of our websites which will give them a much-needed modernization.  The template update will have no effect on any of your current data, and you don’t need to worry about losing any of your files.  All of your login information will stay the same and your teacher web pages will still be accessible.  While we are applying the update you may notice some strange color combinations, but do not panic, these changes are temporary.

New Staff Computers

Those of you who have suffered in silence with the oldest of PCs will be receiving new computers over the summer break.  If you are one of the staff members receiving a workstation, a work order will be created in Freshdesk and you will receive an email notification of the upgrade.  If you do not receive this notification, you will not be receiving a new workstation.    Please know that all of your existing, locally stored data will be transferred to your new workstation and your old hard drive will be stored until we can confirm you have all of your required data.  If you have any trouble locating your data upon your return, please contact the helpdesk for support (extension 1234 or<>).  It would be a good idea to take some time and back up all school-related files to your H: drive.

Digital Equity Project

The Digital Equity project is approaching fast and we could not be more excited.  The C&I team, site administrators, librarians, Technology Services department, and key classroom teachers have been working hand-in-hand to ensure a successful program launch. We plan to process and prep over 5,500 Chromebooks this summer, as well as take steps to make your site IT support personnel more accessible during instructional hours next year.  I understand that this digital platform transition may cause some elevated anxiety levels; however, we are here to help.  If you need assistance please email<> or call the helpdesk at our external phone number (916) 786-3002.

My RJUHSD Service

Many of you continue to access your district email accounts during summer break, and at times, passwords expire while you are away from campus.  To avoid any password expiration troubles, I recommend that you reset your password prior to leaving for the break; however, if your password does expire, the<> web service allows you to change your password remotely as well as access our network storage drives (H: and P:).

Note:  Before you can utilize the password reset features, you must set up your rescue questions.  Instructions to do so can be found here:

Technology Surveys

I have sent out a few surveys to better help the district plan for future projects and equipment.  I would really appreciate if you could complete the brief surveys prior to leaving for summer break.  The information collected will greatly help us with our future technology planning.

Ok, that is all for now.  That was brief, right?  Thank you again for all of your hard work this year and I look forward to seeing you all back in the fall.