Photography 2

Course ID: 102093
Open to Grade: 10-12
UC a-g: F
Prerequisite: Completion of Photography 1 with a grade of "B" or better or with instructor approval. May be repeated for credit.

Recommended: It is highly recommended that students earn a B or better in the prerequisite course.  Students should consult their current teacher for placement recommendation.

Supplies: Student may be charged a $35.00 fabrication cost for any consumable item(s). These items or projects are taken home and kept by the student.

This class is an opportunity to move beyond Photography 1 and work on mastering the four elements of photography: the photographic frame and its borders, quality of focus as determined by the aperture or lens, shutter speeds and their effects in relation to time and motion, the physical media used to create the aggregate image. Students will take, manipulate, and display photography demonstrative of awareness of frame, focus, shutter speed, and display as well as work strongly with Photoshop as a digital darkroom tool.