Course ID: 703003
Open to grades: 11 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: None
Prerequisites: The following are all considered to determine if a student is eligible to enroll as a TA: 3.0 GPA, on track for A-G, good attendance, completed aid application, and completion of Personal Finance Course.
Designed to provide the student with an opportunity to communicate subject areas correctly and clearly to others, and to take on responsibilities that include organizing and understanding materials, teaching it to others, preparing quizzes, assisting substitute instructor, performing clerical work, and giving individual instruction to students. A maximum of 10 credits may be applied toward graduation. Any violations of school rules may necessitate removal from this position. NOTE: students requesting TA positions must meet all requirements of being a TA, and should have an alternate course chosen in the event that they don't meet eligibility requirements, or if the period and teacher they requested are not available.