Off Campus 1 - Fall (aka: OC 1 - Fall)
Course ID: 959132
Off Campus 1 - Spring (aka: OC 1 - Spring)
Course ID: 959122
Off Campus 4 - Fall (aka: OC 4 - Fall)
Course ID: 959432
Off Campus 4 - Spring (aka: OC 4 - Spring)
Course ID: 959422
Open to grades: 11 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: None
Prerequisites: The following are all considered to determine if a student is eligible to enroll as Off Campus: 3.0 GPA, on track for A-G, good attendance, completed aid application and completion of Personal Finance Course.
Off Campus” is not really a course but a placeholder on students’ schedules if they opt to not have a full 4-period schedule in a given term. Please be advised that having an off campus period has specific eligibility requirements that must be met, and students who do not meet these requirements will have to take another class. OC is only offered 1st or 4th period. Students with off campus periods cannot park at Feist Park, as the gate between Feist Park and GBHS will be locked during the school day from beginning of 1st period to the end of 4th. Students are expected to check out daily at the front gate when leaving campus (applies to 4th period OC only). Seniors may have just 1 OC period each term (maximum two per year: 1 fall, 1 spring), and juniors may only have 1 OC period their entire junior year.