IB VISUAL ARTS HL-1 (Junior Year)
Course ID: 163532
IB VISUAL ARTS HL-2 (Senior Year)
Course ID: 163542
Open to grades: 11 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “F” VAPA credit
Prerequisites: Completion of Art 1
Note: Two Year Course
This is a more in-depth study than SL-1 and SL-2. Because the class takes longer to complete students are required to produce about 6 additional works and quality of the works will increase with the additional time and with an increase in the required number of completed works. SL requires 12 works and HL requires 18. The course follows the global approach to the visual arts in which the process is equal to the product. Emphasis is placed on the history and the exploration and production of studio work, linking the core elements of art concepts, criticism and analysis, acquisition of technical and media skills, and the relationship of art to socio-cultural and historical contexts. Art activities integrate work in the studio with workbook research. Students maintain a research workbook detailing their plans, problems, successes, and critiques of studio work that they have produced. Applicable IB exam and registration fees apply. ALL students enrolled in IB courses are required to complete the entire course and sit for the external exams in May.