Course ID: 102093
Open to grades: 10 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “F” VAPA credit
Prerequisites: Grade of B or better in Photography 1 for both final grade marks.
This course is designed to provide students with an advanced experience in photography which will enable students to continue to explore their individual passions as well as learn career opportunities in photography. Use of different lenses, studio work, location photography, and advanced Photoshop techniques will be developed. Students will further refine picture taking techniques and apply those techniques to assigned photography projects. Various technology will be used daily. Students will further build their Adobe Photoshop skills and apply these skills in various projects. Students will be exposed to various famous photographers as well as photography used in fine art, journalism, and current events. All classes are multi-grade. Time management is an important aspect of student success. Classes are project driven with regular deadlines. Strong academic skills are expected. Showing and submitting your work to student competitions is strongly encouraged.