Course ID: 852461
Open to grades: 10 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: None
Prerequisites: Successful competition of Beginning Peer Connections. Application process and instructor consent.
The Advanced Peer Connections course requires students to have taken Beginning Peer Connections. The advanced course builds on the skills learned in the beginning course in several ways. Students learn additional skills such as conflict resolution, group facilitation, and program management. Students in this course provide ongoing services to the student body: lunchtime Wellness Workshops, classroom presentations, peer counseling, conflict mediation, and support group discussions. Students will connect with other clubs and organizations on campus to provide support and services in an ongoing effort to improve campus culture. They will also research a teen-related topic important to them and offer services related to their topic. In addition, students run and manage the Peer Resource Center by joining or leading a committee, handling social media, managing the PRC website, organizing events, and more. For more information about the Peer Resource Center, please go to