Course ID: 653203
Open to grades: 11
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “A” History/Social Science credit
Prerequisites: None
Designed for general-level and college preparatory students. In this one-term course students examine major turning points and the cause-and-effect flow of the forces that have shaped the United States in the 20th century. Students will engage in the process of sourcing, reading for comprehension, document analysis and organizing evidence in support of a written thesis. Primary and secondary sources of information will be examined and analyzed. Students will build their academic vocabulary, speaking, reading, writing, problem solving and study skills. Curricular units are chronologically based on state standards and include The Foundation of the American Nation (review of Colonial age, Revolution, Constitution, Civil War and Reconstruction), Industrialization and Immigration, Religion’s Role in America, America’s Rise to World Power, The 1920s, The Great Depression and New Deal, World War II, Domestic changes in Postwar America, Foreign Policy in the Cold War, The Civil Rights Movement, and Contemporary American Society.