IB ENGLISH HL-1 (Junior Year) Course ID: 204512
IB ENGLISH HL –2 (Senior Year) Course ID: 204522
Open to grades: 11 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for "B" English credit
Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in English 10
Note: Two Year Course
The IB English course develops understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism and promotes the ability to form independent literary judgments. The formal analysis of texts and wide coverage of a variety of literature—both in the language of the subject and in translated texts from other cultural domains—is combined with a study of the way literary conventions shape responses to texts. Students completing this course will have a thorough knowledge of a range of texts and an understanding of other cultural perspectives. They will also have developed skills of analysis and the ability to support an argument in clearly expressed writing, sometimes at significant length. International Baccalaureate courses are open to any Granite Bay High School student. Applicable IB exam and registration fees apply. ALL students enrolled in IB courses are required to complete the entire course and sit for the external exams in May.