Course ID: 152203
Open to grades: 10 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: None
Prerequisites: This course is currently offered only through the GBiT program of study. Students must have taken Information Technology Essentials (GBiT), and have extensive knowledge of the group to which they will be managing. Interviews will be held for this course.
This course is for returning students (usually managers) who are continuing with the GBiT program. Embedded within the GBiT classroom, Tech Leadership students will manage the program through leadership positions in one or more of the GBiT functional groups. Student managers, who must first complete the GBiT course, will lead a GBiT group by setting and achieving goals, training students, leading and evaluating students, engaging with customers (GBHS staff and students), and managing projects. Other requirements will include the study of leadership theory, including reading outside textbooks, writing formal reports and case studies, developing evaluations and goals, communicating effectively, problem-solving, maintaining integrity, and thinking critically. Students will need to spend extra hours working after school. Student leaders may receive training from local tech industry partners, specifically in leadership and management principles, including project management, goal setting, evaluating employees, customer engagement, time management, public speaking, and conducting effective meetings. If students are seeking to be leaders or managers in any business (not just technology), this course will provide ample opportunity to develop management skills in a real world environment through the actual conducting of a business organization on campus.