Course ID: 101673
Open to grades: 9 - 12
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “F” VAPA credit
Prerequisites: None
This is the Media Program of Study introductory course and part of the Media Program of Study. Beginning Media is the entry‐level course in which students learn to use video cameras and edit video on the Adobe CS5 Suite software utilizing the Adobe curriculum framework. Students learn to communicate effectively by writing scripts, planning productions, and editing a variety of products. Technically, students learn how to operate video and audio equipment, including cameras, various types of microphones, mixers, sound processors, and computer applications. This course also introduces students to studio production in the GBHS TV and Sound Studio. May be repeated for credit. There are personal materials costs including SD cards and USB Drives. The instructor will give you specific information within the first week of the course. This course is the prerequisite for IB Film. Students may petition to skip Beginning Media and take IB Film by providing preexisting evidence of course knowledge.