Course ID: 161163
Open to grades: 10- 12
UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “G” elective credit
Prerequisites: Principles of Business
This course will challenge students to think critically and communicate appropriately in multiple business situations by using various projects, case studies, and business planning scenarios. Students will learn business communications skills in a contextual environment by addressing contemporary business issues, and will combine technology skills, using the Microsoft Office Suite, with critical reading and writing skills as they apply to career technical education business concepts. Students will produce multiple written documents, including emails, memos, training materials, papers, and business plans. This course emphasizes business management perspectives by challenging students to think like managers in a business organization in order to build 21st century skills (creating, analyzing, and evaluating). Students will work collaboratively to find real solutions for challenges faced by contemporary business organizations. Students will leave the class with experience in presentation techniques, creation of documents to run a business, and skills that will enhance their job and/or college performance.