Couse ID# (Fall) 152304 (Spring) 152314
Open to grades: 11 - 12
 UC/CSU eligibility: This course is approved for “G” elective credit
The International Baccalaureate Business and Management course is designed to develop an understanding of business theory, as well as an ability to apply business principles, practices, and skills. The application of tools and techniques of analysis facilitates an appreciation of complex business activities. The course considers the diverse range of business organizations and activities and the cultural and economic context in which business operates. Emphasis is placed on strategic decision-making and the day-to-day business functions of marketing, production, human resource management, and finance. Links between the topics are central to the course, and this integration promotes a holistic overview of business activity. The Business and Management course aims to help students understand the implications of business activity in a global market. It is designed to give students an international perspective of business and to promote their appreciation of cultural diversity through the study of topics like international marketing, growth, and business strategy. The ideals of international cooperation and responsible citizenship are at the heart of Business and Management. International Baccalaureate courses are open to any Granite Bay High School student. Applicable IB exam and registration fees apply. ALL students enrolled in IB courses are required to complete the entire course and sit for the external exams in May.