AP Psychology

Course ID# 654133
Open to grades: 11,12
 UC/CSU G-Elective
Prerequisite: Academic GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Signed AP contract must be submitted by May 1st. 
This course is designed as an introductory college level Psychology course.  It is designed to prepare students to pass the AP Psychology exam in the spring.  Students will be introduced to units within Psychology ranging from neuroscience and brain structure to social psychology.  The curriculum goes in-depth into developmental psychology, behaviorism, consciousness and memory, mental disorders, and methods of treatment.  In addition, the course focuses on the nature/nurture debate and provides a general overview of the field of psychology.  It is recommended that students take Sociology/Psychology prior to this course as it provides a background of many of the theories.  This course is highly complemented by the Advanced Systems Physiology course which provides a strong background in brain function.