AP Biology

Course ID# 557103
Open to grades: 11,12
 UC/CSU D-Laboratory Science
Prerequisite: Grade of B or better in Chemistry.  Advanced Systems Physiology prior to, concurrently, or in Spring prior to AP test. Academic GPA of 3.0 or higher recommended.  Signed AP contract must be submitted by May 1st.
This course allows students to pursue in-depth analyses of the following biological concepts:  the nature of science, biochemistry, cellular structures and processes, heredity, biotechnology, plant and animal physiology, evolution, and ecology.  Students will learn why biology is important to them and how their knowledge allows them to make informed decisions about themselves, their health, the environment, and social concerns.  This course also provides students with an intense college level lab experience and a chance to challenge themselves with the "why" of life's processes.  Students will be expected to complete a summer assignment.