IB Theater SL/ HL 1

IB Theater SL/ HL 1

Course ID:  102614 (SL1) 102634 (HL1)

Open to Grade: 11

UC a-g: F

Prerequisite: Beginning Drama or equivalent with a C or better.  Intermediate Drama is highly recommended.  HL students will need instructor approval.

Requirement: Students must enroll in the SL/HL 1 and SL/HL 2 courses for the full 20 units. Students must take the IB exam at the end of the course.

The theatre course emphasizes the importance of working individually and as a member of an ensemble.  Students are encouraged to develop the organizational and technical skills needed to express themselves creatively in theatre. A further challenge for students following this course is for them to become aware of their own perspectives and biases and to learn to respect those of others.  At the core of the theatre course lays a concern with clarity of understanding, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis—all of which should be achieved through practical engagement in theatre.