IB Dance SL/HL 1

IB Dance SL/HL 1

Course ID: 102564 (SL1) 102584 (HL1)

Open to Grade: 11-12

UC a-g: F

Prerequisite: Dance 1 or equivalent with a C or better.  Students are encouraged to also take Dance 2 and 3.  HL students will need instructor approval.

Requirement: Students must enroll in the SL/HL 1 and SL/HL 2 courses for the full 20 units. Students must take the IB exam at the end of the course.

This course is designed to meet the elective requirements of the International Baccalaureate Program.  The dance curriculum aims for a holistic approach to dance, and embraces a variety of dance traditions and dance cultures—past, present and looking towards the future. Performance, creative and analytical skills are mutually developed and valued whether the students are writing papers or creating/performing dances. The curriculum provides students with a liberal arts orientation to dance. This orientation facilitates the development of students who may become choreographers, dance scholars, performers or those, more broadly, who seek life enrichment through dance.