Treble Chamber Choir

Course Title: Treble Chamber Choir

Course ID: 102313

Grade Level: 10-12

UC/CSU a-g: area “f”

Prerequisite: Previous enrollment in Treble Concert Choir and teacher recommendation. Offered Spring Term Only. May be repeated for credit.

A one-term course in the 4x4 schedule, Treble Chamber Choir is a singing ensemble for voices that are comfortable in the treble ranges i.e. soprano and alto. This choir performs intermediate and advanced literature from various selected eras of musical histories in 3-8 parts. The Treble Chamber Choir may also rehearse and perform in conjunction with the Baritone Concert Choir and/or Treble Concert Choir. In addition to the techniques of rehearsal and performance, the students learn the theory and history of the music performed, the fundamentals of correct vocal technique, interval recognition and writing, and note reading. Required performances are scheduled by the director.