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Family Communication - Phase 1 Limited On-Campus HUB Time

Dear Grizzly Families, 


We would like to share some important information for moving forward with Phase 1, limited in-person HUB time, starting tomorrow, September 15th.  If a teacher is able to host in-person HUB, they will invite students each day to attend their classroom from 1:45-2:45.  These invitations will be based on teacher identified need:  students who need the most support will be a priority.  


HUB Time Logistics


  • Please take a few minutes to view a short video we have created to give an overview of how on-campus HUB time will operate during phase 1. 

  • We have also created a HUB Support Zone Map that breaks the campus into 5 zones with dedicated entry/exit points, dedicated restrooms, and distributed parking areas. 

  • Here is a list of teachers and staff with their zones based on their room/office. 

  • Please make sure that you thoroughly review the map and teacher list so that you know where to park, enter, and use the restroom.

  • As mentioned in the video, students must have been invited to attend HUB by their teacher and students must complete the HUB Sign-up & Health Screening Form between 7:00AM - 12:30PM on the day they will be coming on campus.  This form will be provided by the teacher directly to the student.

  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, only the student attending HUB may exit the vehicle and come on campus.

  • Students must have a digital ID to come on campus.  Students who have yet to complete this will receive a link in their school email account as well as in a text message shortly after this message is sent out.  Students, please make sure to save the confirmation link so that you can access your ID for the entire year. 


Health & Safety


  • Students will be checked onto campus and into their individual classrooms.  Teachers, staff and administrators will have a detailed record of students’ locations so that we can conduct contact tracing and notification in the unfortunate event that there is a COVID-19 exposure. 

  • Students and families who decline invitations will not be penalized in any way solely on that basis. Please work with your teacher to find other ways to access learning support.

  • Students who do not complete this form prior to coming on campus will not be allowed on campus and will be sent home.


  •  Because Hub meetings are arranged for individual students, it is not possible to run an existing bus route.

  • Please communicate with your teacher if you require transportation this school year for a HUB meeting.  In many circumstances we are able to provide accommodations with advanced notice and planning.

  • Students who require transportation should complete a bus pass application available here.

  • An approved bus application (no payment is required at this time) is required as a prerequisite for us to arrange transportation

Thank you for your help in transitioning students back on to campus safely.

In partnership,
GBHS Administration