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RJUHSD Fall 2020 Planning Survey

July 9, 2020 


Good afternoon,  


RJUHSD is seeking information as we continue to plan for the fall. We recognize your personal obligations may still be unknown (e.g, your own family's schedules are in a state of flux), however, this initial outreach is to obtain information for planning purposes.   


There are a few variables to keep in mind as you provide information:

- A "Full On Campus Schedule" is as close to a normal daily schedule with safety precautions included.

- A "Hybrid Schedule" is a rotating A/B schedule where students attend twice per week in an assigned cohort of students. Teachers have one day for prep, collaboration and distance learning connections with students.   Safety precautions included.

- The distance learning option (RJUHSD Virtual Learning Academy - RVLA) will be available as a choice for families in either a Full On Campus Schedule or a Hybrid schedule. The distance learning model includes daily online instruction at prescribed times with a credentialed RJUHSD teacher. Registration forms will be available July 20th. 

Please complete this survey for each RJUHSD student.  


You can find the most up to date information at our website:




Jess Borjon 

Interim Superintendent