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Summer Information - Work Permits, Registration, Athletics, Transcripts

Work Permit Information- click here

For questions, call 916-786-2051

All work permits will be processed at the RJUHSD district office June 9th – August 3rd. 

Registration - click here

For questions or appointments, email

Registration is completed online. If you do not have access to a computer, please email Ms. Winn for an appointment at the school site to use a computer. 

Athletics (Ticket Try Out) - click here

For questions, email

Athletic Clearance is completed online. After you have completed all steps, Mr. Moore will email you your clearance "ticket to try out."

Transcripts - click here

For questions, email

All transcripts are requested online using Parchment. Please complete the online request and we will fulfill the request using your preferred method indicated (mailed or emailed to you or a college/institution).


If you have something to take care of that cannot be done online, the school will be open with limited staff from 7-11am on July 19th, 21st, and 26th. 



*Schedules will be available during Viking Voyage Days in August. Please know that our master schedule is impacted and due to several constraints, schedule changes will only made for students missing a period in the schedule, missing a class needed for graduation or to meet college requirements, students that already completed the course with a C or better, students who didn’t complete the prerequisite for the course, or a student who is enrolled in a college course and is requesting an off campus.