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Oct 12 - Dec 18, 2020 School Information

Please watch these videos prior to coming to school October 12, 2020.


  1. Bell Schedule, Aeries, Transportation - Video 

  2. Daily Health Screener & When to Stay Home -  Staying Home When you are Sick   Quedarse en Casa Cuando está Enfermo (spanish version)

  3. Screener Video Demo

  4. Handwashing & Face Coverings - Handwashing   Lavarse las Manos (spanish version)

  5. Face Coverings    Usar una Cubierta de Tela Para la Cara (spanish version)

  6. Directional Arrows Return to Campus Video

  7. Classroom Procedures Classroom Procedure Video

  8. Daily Health Screener App Daily Health Screener  


Mr. Hasty's Message to Families Sent Wed 10/7/2020

As we continue our phased reopening RJUHSD Reopening.pdf  of school, please be aware that next week marks the beginning of Phase III of the RJUHSD Phased Reopening Plan.  During this time (October 12 - December 18), students who selected the in-person Hybrid option, will attend on campus in-person two days a week and the other three days online.  In Homelink: Students assigned to "A" group are on campus Monday and Thursday and online the other three days. Students assigned to "B" group are on campus Tuesday and Friday and online the other three days. Students assigned to "C" group are online all five days. Students in the "D" group have been contacted by their teachers/case managers already for their assigned schedule. Please refer to the document sent home Monday October 5.  Students are to attend in person to school only on the days that align with the cohort they have been assigned.


It’s important to note that ALL students will remain at home on Wednesdays for Dynamic Online Learning (DOL).  Students will not come to school but will meet with their teachers online during each period.  An important point of note here is that students will be required to check in to class each day (attendance taken), complete their daily engagement activity for each class and then will either continue working with their teacher for the remainder of the period or teachers may release their classes to complete independent work on their own.  In some cases, teachers may opt to keep students in class for the whole period to cover extension activities and/or work that needs to be reviewed or covered as a requirement of the course framework.  


Upon return to campus, students will be required to properly wear face coverings, follow all directional arrows (Return to campus map 2020.pdf ) on campus and maintain social distancing at all times.  In addition, students will be required to complete the Daily Health Screener prior to coming on campus.  Students will not be permitted on campus without having completed the Daily Health Screener (refer to Return to campus map 2020.pdf  for entrance locations).  Students' Daily Health Screeners will be checked each day at the entrance gates to campus.  Students need to simply show the “green checkmark” on their phone or Chromebook to staff, which indicates the student is cleared to be on campus.  Students should immediately walk to their first period class and wait to be admitted into class.  Please remember there should be no gatherings in the quad, in front of the school, in the parking lot, or anywhere else on campus.  


Upon entering the classroom, students will be assigned a seat by their teacher.  Students should always bring to school a charged Chromebook, headphones, and all necessary school related materials.  When students are exiting their classrooms each period, they should remember to maintain social distancing.  Likewise, when exiting campus, students need to remain socially distant and leave campus (including the parking lot) immediately.  We ask families to pick up their students immediately, at the end of the school day.  Should a student need to wait for transportation off campus, we ask students to do so socially distanced and with their face coverings on.


Starting on October 12th, all RJUHSD schools will be implementing the following daily schedule:  RJUHSD COVID Daily Schedule.  As can be seen in this schedule, students are provided a daily nutrition break following their second period class each day. Students should bring their own snack and water bottle/Hydroflask, not to be shared with others.  Please note lunch will be off campus, immediately after fourth period.  The school cafeteria will be open and available for students who need nutritional services.  For students who need additional academic support, the Hub period will continue to be offered online via Zoom each day. A teacher may invite a student to stay on campus for Hub. Additionally, we know there will be some students who are participating in after school athletics or activities.  In either of these cases, students will be assigned a socially distant area to eat lunch and work on homework prior to Hub period or athletic practices.