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Final Transcripts for 2023 Graduates

Current Seniors & Parents/Guardians -

This time of year is an exciting and busy one.  Many of you have received your acceptance letters or email from the college/university that you will be attending.  One of THE MOST important items that must be done to finalize your acceptance and to also receive any scholarship funds or financial aid is to request your final transcripts be sent.

You need to be aware that your counselor, nor the Registrar are notified of where you are going to college.  Please do not assume this and forget to have your final transcripts sent because of this reason.  Your college/university must see your final grades and in many cases, without this, you may not receive your Fall classes with them or your financial aid will be held up or scholarships will be put on hold.  DO NOT FORGET TO MAKE YOUR REQUEST!

All transcript requests are now processed through Parchment using our specific high school LINK.  Requests cannot be made in person to your counselor, nor to the Registrar, they can only be done by setting up an account within Parchment.  Students, be sure to use a personal email address.  DO NOT use your one as you will not have access to this account once you graduate.  In fact, make sure you download anything you wish to retain from your google drive onto a personal device or into a personal google drive.  Again, once you graduate you will not have access to your district email or google drive.

The deadline to request is Friday, May 26th, but additional requests can be made up until June 27th if you wish to make the July 1st deadline.  Anything requested after June 27th will most likely not meet the UC/CSU and out of state college deadlines for final transcript submissions.  Please note that ALL fees, fines, including but not limited to: overdue library books, textbooks, all electronics including billed electronics, sport uniforms and previous school fees and fines MUST already be taken care of and you should be free and clear of owing anything to Antelope HS or any other high school.  If you leave a balance, your transcript request(s) WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.  Please take care of your fees and fines now. Do not wait.

Where might you find a listing of these items if you know you have them, inside your student or parent portal under Student Info, select Fees and Fines.  All textbooks, library books and electronics MUST be returned to the library - DO NOT return them to your teacher, you will not be cleared of these items and you will still be responsible for them.  Sport uniforms must be returned to your coach or to the Athletic Director, Ms. Martinez.  If you need to pay money for any items in person you can with cash or a check to Mrs. Carroll at Student Services M - F 7:45 am to 3:30 pm.  If you would like to pay by credit card please email Mrs. Carroll at on how to proceed with this through our student store.

Inside Parchment, when you request your transcript(s), please make sure you answer the question When do you want this sent, with Hold for Grades.  If you do not answer with this, your transcript will be processed now and you will need to make another request.

All transcript requests made by the May 26th deadline will be processed through Parchment by June 13th.  Please login to your account to verify this.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email the Registrar, Amanda Scuka at  IF any questions about Parchment, you will need to use their customer service help link.

Thank you!