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Important Quarter 2 Policy Updates

Dear Titan families,

We have officially made it through the first quarter of this school year! As a community, we've learned a lot about what school looks like after last year's distance and hybrid learning. With that in mind, here are some important changes to some Antelope High School policies, beginning Monday, October 11.

1. Tardies: More and more students are struggling to get to school on time (Class begins at 7:45 each day). Please help us by making sure your student arrives to school on time each day! If your student has more than 10 tardies to any period, parents or guardians will be asked to come in for a meeting about how to support getting your student to school on time. You can also monitor your student's attendance through your Homelink account- click here for a flyer about how to read the attendance screen on Homelink.

2. DoorDash/Uber eats/etc: Meal Delivery services of any kind are not allowed on campus. It is a major safety concern to have strange adults handing food to students in the office or through school fences. Beginning Monday October 11, all meal delivery services will be turned away.

3. Dress Code: AnHS Administration has been working with the Student Equity Team to create a new dress code for Antelope High School. This new dress code is almost ready to go, and will be implemented soon. We will be sure to communicate the new dress code with our Titan families as soon as it is finalized. For now, please be sure that students are dressed appropriately for school in a way that they can learn and contribute to their learning environment.

4. Titan 28: During our Titan 28 time, students will now have the choice ​to go to "common areas" if they are passing their priority period class with a C or better. Click here for an informational flyer. As a reminder, a student can always go ​to their priority period if they don't know ​where to go that day. Also, if a priority period teacher asks a student to come in that day, they must go (even if they are ​passing with a C or better).

We are excited to start the second quarter with our Titan community. If you have any questions please contact the Assistant Principals office at extension 6060.

Go Titans!