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Is your student leaving Antelope HS?

Will your family be moving out of the area, does your student need to transfer schools, will your student not be returning to Antelope HS for the 2020-2021 School Year?

Here are the procedures during this time on how to checkout your student:

1.  Please email the Registrar, Mrs. Scuka -, please let her know where your student will be attending next year.  Withdrawal papers will be drawn up that will contain a current copy of your student's transcript, their immunization record and the withdrawal form.

2.  Please email our Librarian, Mrs. McCoy - to schedule a time to bring in the student's Chromebook, the charger, textbooks and any library books owed to Antelope HS.

3.  Please email the Student Services Clerk, Mrs. Carroll - to inquire about any fees and fines still owed to Antelope HS.  You may also view this information inside your Parent Portal Account and so can the student in their Student Portal - aka HomeLink.

The day you or your student comes to campus to turn in all of their items, please also have your exact payment amount if paying for fees and fines, this day will also be the day you receive your withdrawal paperwork.  Please be sure and let the Registrar know the date this will be (email to: so that only one trip to campus is made in order to follow safety procedures for on-site visitors.