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Yearbook Information

Hello Parents and Students, Pete LeBlanc here, the Antelope High School Yearbook Adviser.
Many of you have questions concerning the 2020 Titanium yearbook; I would like to answer as many of those here as possible. If you still have a question after reading this, please email me directly at
- The yearbook plant was temporarily shut down for six weeks, like many businesses across the country, due to Covid-19. However, we will still have a 2020 yearbook.
- It's a guess at this point, but I would imagine that the book will be distributed in approximately late August to early September. At this juncture, that's probably a best-case scenario. It could be later. We have later deadlines at Antelope than many other schools. For example, many schools across the country have completed their books, so when the yearbook plant reopened they were first in line, so to speak. We still have approximately 70 pages to complete. 
Yearbooks are still for sale. Cost is $90. You can follow the links in this email. The sooner you can purchase, the better. Students are currently working on the book, doing the best they can under the most extreme circumstances nobody could have ever anticipated.